Chimney Repair

Outstanding Chimney Repair Service in the Metro Denver Area

Homeowners in the Metro Denver area rely on Mountain Chimney whenever they need chimney repair services.

Unlike most furnishings in the house, your chimney constantly endures various weather conditions, including extreme heat. As such, it needs repairs and maintenance over time – no matter how well-constructed it is. Simply patching up any issues with chimneys and fireplaces is not the solution and can even worsen the problem.

To ensure that your chimney won’t need fixing over and over again, you’ll need professionals to work on it. At Mountain Chimney, we repair chimneys quickly and correctly instead of just providing a “quick fix.”


Excellent Chimney Repair Services

A leaky chimney is a common problem prevalent during the rainy season, and throughout the year as well. Some of the evidence that point to a leaky chimney includes:

  • NDrips
  • NStaining
  • NSagging ceilings
  • NRusty dampers
  • NWet ashes in the firebox
  • NOdors coming from the chimney

At Mountain Chimney, our technicians get to the root cause of the problem and fix it. Since no two chimneys are alike, we take proper measures to track down the cause of the issue beforehand.


Superior Masonry Repair Services

Your chimney’s brick and mortar receive constant beatings from the harsh elements and years of use. As a result, bricks end up cracking or falling out completely. Our team of experts provides masonry repair services, including:

  • NCrown repair
  • NFirebox rebuilding
  • NTuckpointing
  • NChase covers
  • NFactory-built (pre-fab) parts and repairs

Other Chimney Services We Provide

Mountain Chimney also provides other services to help you have an attractive and safe chimney in your home:
  • NChimney inspections
  • NDryer vent cleaning
  • NChimney sweeping
  • NGas fireplace service

Our company is committed to offering trustworthy and honest services to our customers.

Trust the Experts to Restore Your Chimney

Mountain Chimney is the go-to company in the Metro Denver area for chimney repair services. We can help you get many more years out of your chimney, keeping your house comfortable and safe.

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