Chimney Inspections

Comprehensive Commercial and Residential Chimney Inspections in Metro Denver

For over two decades, Mountain Chimney has been providing comprehensive chimney inspections, custom chimney installations, and chimney sweeping services across Metro Denver. As a family-owned and operated company, we understand the essence of a comfortable home, so we conduct our annual chimney sweeping projects hand in hand with visual chimney inspections.

This allows us to catch and fix minor issues before they turn into dangerous, costly problems.

During the inspection, our experts will check the general condition of your chimney flue and inspect for broken pipes or a soot, ash, and creosote buildup. They’ll also:
  • NTest and ensure the damper’s worm drive is in proper working condition
  • NTest and adjust the damper hinges, tracks, and handle
  • NInspect the flue to verify all pipes and bricks are in proper condition
  • NCheck and confirm the chimney cap is securely in place to keep rainwater and animals out

Mountain Chimney Inspection Levels

The steps we take during a chimney inspection vary depending on the level. We offer:

  • Level I inspection: These are the least invasive chimney inspections. We conduct level 1 chimney inspections to evaluate and ensure the structure is in proper condition and free of obstructions
  • Level II inspections: Often more complex, a level 2 Mountain Chimney inspection is common when buying or selling a property with a fireplace, or if your chimney survived fire or weather damage.
  • Level III inspections: For this level, our experts will conduct an in-depth evaluation of hard-to-reach chimney spots like the venting system, and sometimes even your attic and crawl spaces. In some instances, the crown or other parts of the chimney wall may have to be removed. A level 3 chimney inspection by Mountain Chimney is often done if our experts suspect serious damage that may require rebuilding.

Other Chimney and Fireplace Maintenance Services

Besides inspections, Mountain Chimney also offers:

  • NFireplace & chimney rebuilds
  • NPellet service
  • NGas, wood & pellet stove installation & repairs
  • NLeaky chimney repairs
  • NDryer vent cleaning & installations
  • NMasonry repair

Professional Chimney Inspection Services

Whether you require a level I or level III inspection, our experts at Mountain Chimney have the skills and tools needed to get it done.

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