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Summit County Chimney Services

Mountain Chimney is Summit County’s Most Trusted Chimney Installation Company

Summit County residents consistently rely on Mountain Chimney for their chimney installation and other fireplace needs.

Mountain Chimney specializes in providing exceptional service to every customer when it comes to chimney and fireplace work. We get the task done swiftly and accurately every single time, whether for chimney installation or maintenance. Our secret lies in our unwavering focus on expertise.

Compared to other companies, we are not a jack-of-all-trades who provide substandard services from the roof to the gutters and fences. Instead, we are chimney and vent experts – excelling in this area of the home.

Summit County homeowners consistently choose Mountain Chimney because we provide superb work on chimneys, fireplace, and venting systems. Below are a few of our services sought after by Summit County residents:

Chimney Repairs in Keystone, CO

Our team can quickly repair a leaking chimney or problems with a chimney’s masonry. We can locate the cause of the issue and help you get the most out of your chimney installation.

Chimney Services in Breckenridge, CO

Since chimneys and fireplaces have complicated installations, hiring Mountain Chimney to build and manage them is always an excellent idea. Our crew can clean your chimney thoroughly using various specialist brushes and a high-efficiency chimney vacuum.

Standard and Custom Chimney Installation in Silverthorne, CO

We offer both conventional and custom installation, allowing you to create a hearth area that is both appealing and safe.

Chimney Services in Dillon, CO

We provide three inspection levels to assist you in evaluating whether your chimney is in excellent working order.

Chimney and Dryer Vent Services in Frisco, CO

Our outstanding dryer duct cleaning service ensures that your house is safe from fire dangers caused by dryer vents and exhausts.

Hire the Best Chimney Service Provider in Summit County

Mountain Chimney is the best choice for any chimney job if you want it done cleanly and efficiently. Our commitment is to provide the utmost satisfaction to our clients – 100% of the time.

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