About Us

Our Story

Mountain Chimney is built on quality, not quantity. We have spent many years learning everything there is to learn about chimneys because we want to provide the highest quality chimney service to our customers. Many other companies offer chimney service as one of many services they provide (window washing, roofs, gutters, etc.), and don’t have the level of specialization it takes to be the best chimney service company serving the mountain communities. 

How can we help you?

Mountain Chimney specializes in the inspection, cleaning, repair and rebuilding of fireplaces, chimneys and other venting systems such as dryer vents, wood stoves and flues. Our main service areas are Denver’s western suburbs and the mountain communities, including the following counties: Boulder, Clear Creek, Douglas, Gilpin, Grand, Jefferson, Park, and Summit.


Chimney Sweeping

We recommend having your chimney cleaned annually to keep it functioning and safe for your family.

Chimney Inspections

Inspections can be done at the time of your sweeping service to make sure any chimney or fireplace problems are found and fixed ASAP. We offer multiple levels of inspections: Level I, II, III.

Chimney Repair & Installation

From masonry repair (loose, missing, cracked bricks) and fixing leaky chimneys, all the way to complete chimney rebuilds and custom installations, we’ve got you covered!